Bright Future Voluntary Organization, a Christian NGO based in Kasoa Central Region, has condemned the disgusting rate at which children of school going age are being used to sell on the streets.

The NGO led by Mr. Raphael Nyame, observed that the practice is becoming rampant in Kasoa and called on the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the concerned authorities to do something to curtail the situation.
"It has become a normal practice for children to be exploited as they accompany their parents and guardians to the roadsides and markets just to sell sachet water, toffees among others on the streets without going to school," Mr. Nyame lamented.

He went on to add that his outfit, Bright Future Voluntary Organization has been educating parents and inhabitants on the need to allow their children to be in school.

Mr. Nyame also identified the lack of resources as a major setback making it difficult to undertake projects and activities.

"We are doing our best, but we lack the needed resources to embark on more of these campaigns," he said. 

Source: Kwesi Ampem


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