Source: - The Tamale Police Command has decried the continuous assaulting of deaf and dumb persons in the metropolis.

According to the police, it has recorded several cases of deaf and dumb people being attacked unjustifiably; a situation the security agency is trying tirelessly to control.
A deaf and dumb man who was falsely accused recently was said to have been handcuffed by the police even as he visited the hospital, only to be released after a sign language interpreter’s conversation with him established his innocence.

Kasapa News' Northern Regional Correspondent Kizito Abagome, who spoke with Chief Inspector Alfred Agona, noted that the communication barrier with persons suffering from speech and hearing impairment has resulted in a situation where, when issues concerning such persons are reported at the police station, the police have difficulty in taking a decision on them immediately.

The police have therefore called for sign language interpreters to be stationed at the police station to facilitate communication.


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