Blood and Genotype Foundation, a non-governmental-organisation based in Accra would on Saturday December 5, launch a blood screening programme free-of-charge for the residents of Cape Coast and its environs to know their blood type.
The Founder and project coordinator, Mr Stephen Sateckla, said the launch is to pave the way for the organisation to roll out series of programmes lined up to create public awareness on blood types and help them to know the diet suitable for their blood group.

In an interview with the GNA, Mr Sateckla observed that knowing one’s blood group and genotype is very vital in combating many chronic diseases and urged the public to avail themselves for the screening which would be preceded by a health walk.

Explaining further, Mr Sateckla said the event has become necessary in the face of the upsurge of chronic non communicable diseases such as cancer, hypertension, heart diseases and osteoporosis in the country adding that empowering people on health issues is non-negotiable.

“Many chronic diseases in the country are basically diet related,” he revealed and expressed the need for Ghanaians to take issues about healthy lifestyles very serious.

On the various blood groups, he said research had established that people with blood group ‘A’ are attracted to the greens and are therefore farmers or environmentalists and blood ‘B’ are animal friendly whilst ‘AB’ are friendly, accommodating and loving.

Mr Sateckla described people of blood group ‘O’ as warriors and strongest among the blood groups saying they are also charitable.

All, Ghanaians, he stated must know their groups and genotypes as well as the fruits and diet suitable to enhance or boost their health and adhere to them for healthy living. - Source: GNA


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