Source: Daily Graphic Ghana - A United States of America (USA)-based non-governmental organisation, Wells for Relief International, has drilled 1,000 boreholes to provide potable water for a number of communities in five districts in the country.

The boreholes, which were drilled by Lifetime Wells Ghana, an affiliate of the US-based NGO, are fitted with hand pipes. The beneficiary communities are in the Akatsi North, Ketu North, Ketu South, Akatsi South, Nakpanduri, Bimbilla and Bunkpurugu-Yunyoo districts.
They were drilled between 2009 and 2015.

Key milestones

This was made known by the Founder of the NGO, Mr David Powell, at a three-day capacity building and sustainability of boreholes for Water and Sanitation (WATSAN) committee members in the Ketu North and Akatsi North districts.

It was to expose the key milestones and teething challenges in the rural water sector to members of the committee.

Lack of maintenance

Mr Powell expressed indignation at the neglect of boreholes installed with hand pipes for the people which had ceased functioning because of the lack of maintenance.

“What a complete waste of time and money if the people have to go back to drinking river water a few years after getting clean water,” he stated.

He said it was not a healthy sign for communities to receive everything at no cost, as it created a syndrome of dependency.

Manage boreholes as business

In an address, the Akatsi North District Chief Executive, Mr James Gunu, said the value of water could not be underestimated.

He, therefore, suggested that the boreholes be managed as a business to generate funds for maintenance to ensure sustainability.

For his part, the Ketu North District Chief Executive, Mr Kofi Lawson, said the central government had created an enabling environment for partnerships with NGOs for development that must not be mismanaged.


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